Get a Jump on the Competition

Power is often the last element to be defined in the development of electronic systems. For this reason, NetBit rapidly develops modified and custom power solutions to reduce time-to-market and deployment challenges.

Development to full production is typically as little as 12 weeks.

Efficiency & Intelligence

Reduced energy consumption is critical in today's applications. NetBit's high efficiency technologies with advanced control features enable energy schemes that minimize energy consumption.

Power for a Green and Modern World

Recent Applications

custom-open-frame-power-supply-developed-delivered-in-8-weeksNetBit was approached by a contract manufacturer, the first choice supplier provided by the customer had failed to meet the engineering requirements and meet satisfy emission requirements. The Contract Manufacturer...
quickturn-of-high-volume-wall-mount-usb-power-supplyA start up company had only a 2 dimensional concept drawing of a power supply with a loosely defined power supply specification for the external power supply they wanted to have. NetBit assisted the customer to...
quickturn-of-26w-desktop-with-k21-fcc68-requirementsMeeting this OEM customer for the very first time at an expo, the request was pretty simple: “Do you have any 12V-3A Desktop PSU that would fit our need?”,  the engineer at the booth told us that “we are in trouble...


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About NetBit

Established in 1997
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